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Waiting area ( Outside GTC)

Waiting area ( Intside GTC)

Bus Guidance of Arriving Passengers at Terminal

1. Self-driving
There are altogether three social parking lots outside GTC building. No. 1 and No. 2 parking lots are of indoor type but No. 3 is of outdoor type.  The passengers driving their own car shall reach the two-story platform at the eastern, western and southern side of GTC building through the marks within GTC building and come to the corresponding social parking lot through the automatic footpath or vertical elevator.  Passengers can reach No. 1 parking lot by G03 and 04 door at the western side of GTC building, No. 2 parking lot by G05 and 06 door at the eastern side and No. 3 parking lot by G07 at the southern side. 

2. Airport bus
The station of airport bus is in the platform at the western side outside the second story of GTC building. The passenger to take the airport bus shall ride the bus at the special departure area of airport bus outside G03 door after purchasing ticket from the airport bus ticket counter at the southern side of G03 door of GTC building. 

3. Taxi
The place where passengers can take taxi is the platform at the eastern side outside the second story of GTC building. The passengers to take taxi shall arrive at the taxi departure area through G05 and 06 door of GTC building to wait for taxi. 

4. Bus
The bus station is the southern side outside GTC building. The passengers to take bus shall come to the bus departure area through escalator or vertical elevator through G07 door at the southern side of the second story of GTC building.
Subway connecting bus is arranged at the place for the passengers who take No. 1 subway. 

5. Airport wharf shuttle bus 
The airport wharf shuttle bus is used to pick up the passengers from wharf to the airport wharf freely. The passengers who take the airport wharf shuttle bus shall reach the place to take the bus by coming to the airport wharf outside GTC building through G03 and G04 door of GTC building.

6. Inter-city express
Pick-up locations of inter-city express is on the GTC 1st floor. Passengers, who need to take an inter-city express, please take an escalator or vertical elevator on the GTC 2nd floor to arrive ticketing site, waiting room and pick-up location of inter-city express.

7. Hong Kong transit bus
Pick-up locations of Hong Kong transit bus is the platform on the outside west side of the GTC 2nd floor. Passengers, who need to take a Hong Kong transit bus, please buy tickets on the GTC 2nd floor, and then pass the G03 gate to arrive the special departing area of Hong Kong transit bus.