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Departure (Domestic)
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   Checked Baggage Instructions

  1. Carry-on luggage

  Domestic flights: 
  Each first-class passenger may carry on two pieces of hand luggage. 
  Each business/economy class passenger may carry one piece of hand luggage. 
  Each piece of luggage cannot exceed 20×40×55 cm in size. The total weight of the carry-on luggage shall not exceed 5 kg.

  International flights: Generally, the size of each piece of hand luggage cannot exceed 20×40×55 cm and the total weight of hand luggage cannot exceed 7 kg. (However, different airlines may have specific restrictions on hand luggage, so the passengers should pay attention to the prompts on the air ticket or consult your airline.)  

  2. Limit for Free Checked Baggage  

  Domestic flights: 20 kg for each economy class passenger, 30 kg for each business class passenger and 40 kg for each first-class passenger. Luggage transportation free of charge is not available for baby passengers.

  International flights: Different airlines have different restrictions on checked baggage free of charge. The passengers should pay attention to the prompts on the tickets or consult your airline.  

  3. Excess baggage charge  

  If you have exceed the limit of free checked baggage and weight allowance, excess baggage charges will be applied. Different airlines have different charge standard on excess baggage. To find out more information, please consult your airline.