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Cross-border fastcustoms clearance
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(I) Cross-border fast customs clearance 

Cross-border fast customs clearance is a kind of cross-border fast transportation mode promoted by General Administration of Customs. On the basis of advanced application of electronic data of cargo manifest, the automatic fast check and release of vehicles on the highway port can be realized through different monitoring techniques including integrating vehicle GPS, e-seal and electronic scale.

(II) Schematic diagram 

1 Departure process

(III) Advantages  

All the customs clearance formalities of vehicle and cargos will be finished in Shenzhen Airport primarily with high business handling timeliness. Customs clearance and inspection formalities are unnecessary for highway port and check and inspection are exempted in Huanggang Port (except for intelligence). Special channel is used when the vehicle passes through Guanggang Port, automatic fast check and release is carried out and e-seal is locked (unlocked) automatically.