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Biemlfdlkk is a leading golf apparel brand in China, driven by sci-tech innovation,andfocusing on the R&D and manufacturing of golf apparelof high quality,topgrade andhightechnology. Biemlfdlkk advocates the concept of “life golf”,which is its brand style,andattaches importanceto comfort andsense ofnobility in wearing.It brings to consumers not only freedom, ease and self-confidence on the golf course, but also the sunshine and vitality in their daily work and life. In 2013, Biemlfdlkk became a partner of China’s national golf team. In 2016, it became “No.1 stock of China’s golf apparel” (Stock Code: 002832). In 2018,the brand signed up thefilm and television stars Yang Shuo and Jiang Yiyanas its spokespersons, which ushered in its “star” era.

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