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Details of the shop

    Makhin was founded at Wuhe Street, Yuen Long, Hong Kong in 1932. In 1993, Mr. Zhuang, the fourth generation of “Makhin pastry family”, opened a food factory in Shenzhen and established Makhin Food Co., Ltd. in 2002. The products include traditional Chinese festive food, such as New Year refreshments, Zongzi, moon cake, local gifts and wedding cakes. In recent years, it has been innovating and launching novel pastries and cakes, such as low-sugar moon cake, Japanese style moon cake and Chaozhou pastry. The company has won the certification of “ISO9001”, “ISO22000” and “HACCP” food safety management system, and adopted the food bar code traceability system to realize all-round traceability and control of food safety. It has won such awards as “Shenzhen Time-honored Brand”, “Shenzhen Moon Cake Festival Gold Award”, “Guangdong Excellent Enterprise”, and “Cantonese Pastry Making Skills”.

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