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Naming services

The naming service is one of the main VIP services of the Commerce Company. It mainly refers to the Commerce Company’s naming of a certain VIP lounge with the title of the cooperator for which the cooperator pays a title fee and VIP service fee to the Commerce Company. The title service has three ways of operating: exclusive naming, naming priority, and temporary naming.

Membership services

The Commerce Company has set up dedicated VIP passenger service areas in Business VIP Buildings 1 and 2, with more than ten business halls of different sizes and styles, and provides VIP passengers with "car-to-cabin door" one-stop VIP departure/arrival services.

Individual traveler services

Besides providing VIP lounge services in the form of a private room, the Commerce Company has provided a rest area for individual travelers in Business VIP Building 1, as well as a lounge for first-class and business-class passengers, providing departure services for individual travelers. Depending on the differences between the lounges and the content of different services, the services for individual business travelers mainly include VIP individual traveler services, first-class and business-class individual traveler services, and VIP services.

Business jet operations

According to the overall development strategy of the commercial and tourist operations sector of Shenzhen Airport, business jet operations were formally handed over to the Commercial Company in 2014, and the Commerce Company adopted a model like that of a business division for performing daily operations and management. At present, the Commercial Company has built a 2000 m2 FOB building in Shenzhen Airport. The business jet hangar (building area 5400 m2) was put into operation in 2017. Through external strategic cooperation, the strategic distribution of the MRO business will be launched gradually, and the business jet platform is being improved.

Commercial services

Relying on the annual passenger throughput of more than 40 million passengers and 800,000 VIP business passengers at Shenzhen Airport, in accordance with the diverse service requirements for business travelers, and with the help of unique venues and channel resources, the Commerce Company has developed and launched its commercial services business, and is establishing long-term cooperative arrangements with external parties.

Special passenger reception services

Special passenger reception services are a personalized and graded service product launched by the Commerce Company for specific groups of people (public figures, cultural and sports stars, or other VIP passengers with specific service needs). In keeping with the principle of complying with relevant airport security and service regulations, the service content and process of special passenger reception can be customized on the basis of the Company’s standardized services.

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