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Transfer from domestic to international flights

  • Flight arrives

    Passengers holding a boarding pass for a connecting flight should follow the signs to go to the domestic-international transfer hall (on the west side of the entrance to the baggage claim hall), and take the escalators or elevator to go up to the joint inspection area in the international departures hall on the 3rd floor.

  • Customs, Quarantine, and Immigration Inspection

    Please bring your boarding pass and valid ID and cooperate with all customs, quarantine, and immigration inspections in accordance with the requirements of the joint inspection unit.

    If you have any articles that need to be declared to customs, you must fill out the customs declarations form and use the "Declarations" channel (red channel) for customs clearance. If you do not have articles to declare, please use the "Nothing-to-Declare" channel (green channel).

  • Security Check

    Please bring your boarding pass and valid ID to the security checkpoint for security check.

    To ensure flight safety, please cooperate with all security protocols regarding the search of your person and your carry-on baggage. For details, please click "Security Check Instructions“.

  • Waiting and Boarding

    After the security check, please go to your boarding gate (shown on the boarding pass or the flight schedule screen) in the international waiting area to wait for your flight.


For domestic-international transfer passengers without a boarding pass for a connecting flight, please complete the domestic arrivals process first, and then go to the 4th floor of the terminal to start the international departures process.

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